RSR 04

RSR 14

Designed and Manufactured specifically for the “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Netz Cup Vitz Race” . These pads are able to maintain a stable μ throughout a wide temperature range; this increases the feedback and control to the driver.
NB: Although these brake pads are designed to fit on a road vehicle, they are made especially for racing use. Do not use them on regular roads.

  • 車検対応品
  • リア専用タイプ
  • ラジアルタイヤ
  • スーパーグラファイトメタリック
  • 競技車両専用
  • スプリント〜セミ耐久向き
Material Super graphite metallic
Applicable Rotor Temperature 100~600℃
Friction Coefficient 0.28~0.38μ
REAR PAD ¥25,300
(¥23,000 Excluding tax)

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