RSF 03

The rise in friction of the RSF 03 is linear to the pedal pressure input.
RSF 03 has high bite (friction) while maintaining good rotor interaction in short braking points. It is very heat resistant resulting in a longer pad life and lower brake fading.
(Recommended for use with RSR02)
NB: Although these brake pads are designed to fit on a road vehicle, they are made especially for racing use. Do not use them on regular roads.

  • 車検対応品
  • フロント専用タイプ
  • ラジアルタイヤ
  • スーパーグラファイトメタリック
  • 競技車両専用
  • スプリント〜セミ耐久向き
Material Super graphite metallic
Applicable Rotor Temperature 200~900℃
Friction Coefficient 0.45~0.54μ
FRONT PAD ¥30,800
(¥28,000 Excluding tax)〜

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