With a two-piece structure, a lighter body, better cooling efficiency and a floating configuration, the SCR-GT reduces warping and wobbling at high temperatures. The tension springs loaded in the joints help minimize unwanted noise during street driving without compromising the SCR-GT’s suitability for heavy use on the racing circuit. What’s more, the bell housing and bobbins have also been subjected to special treatment to minimize wear.

  • 車検対応品
  • 特殊熱処理済
  • サーキット走行可
  • ストレート8スリット
  • 防錆メッキ処理
  • 2ピース構造
Structure 2Piece
Material Disc : High-alloy high-carbon FC cast iron coated with rust-resistant agent

Bell housing : Ultra-hard aluminum alloy and hard Tufram alumite coating
Slit Straight / Eight slits per side; sixteen on both sides
マッチングリスト 各種製品の車種別適合表はこちらから

※SCR-GT are designed for high braking performance rather than wear-resistance and silence. Therefore, brake pads may wear faster than normal and some noise may be emitted when braking.

※NB:The floating configuration means that all components of this product are considered perishables. Be sure to check the product before and after driving, take whatever action is necessary to maintain safety, and use the product at your own responsibility. The product is not designed to eliminate all vibrations and juddering.

Product specifications, prices, manufacture and sales are subject to change or termination without notice.