RACING CALIPER 4Pistons x 4Pads

RACING CALIPER 4Pistons x 4Pads

We offer the ideal configuration of one pad per piston through eight synchronized pads, thus enabling optimal braking. Our racing calipers are made from machined super-hard aluminum (this method known as “billeting”), and the use of hard alumite on the surface serves to highlight the beautiful form.
Total length : 282.8mm / Total width : 156.25mm ※ / Total height : 72.3mm
※Excludes the protrusion of the brake line attachment section.

  • 車検対応品
  • 削り出し製法
  • 欧州車適合設定
Materials, production methods Aluminium alloy/Billet
Surface finishing Hard alumite with clear heat-resistant coating
Piston diameter 41mm
Rotor dimensions 345mm×32mm/355mm×32mm
No. of pads 4Pads / 1Caliper
FRONT ¥383,000
REAR ¥413,000

※NS-ZERO pads are included as standard. TYPE NS, TYPE HC-CS, TYPE HC+ pads are also available.

※When mounting, you must machine the genuine disc back plate.

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Calliper, Calliper Aluminium Bracket, Brake Pad, 2Piece Rotor, Teflon Brake line, All bolts

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